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Accessing the new Vrat 2.0 Forum

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Accessing the new Vrat 2.0 Forum

Post by crustytv » Sat May 19, 2018 9:16 am

This forum is closed however we reopened on our new forum here

1. If you cannot login to the new Vrat 2.0 forum its very likely you have never registered there as no accounts from this old Vrat forum were moved over, everyone who wanted to move re-registered.

2. If you did register at Vrat 2.0 but never posted, never visited in the last six months the auto account housekeeping task may have removed your account. Simply register again and ensure you visit at least once a month or post to keep your account active.

3. If you have posted but not visited in over six months, your account might be simply suspended due to meeting the inactivity criteria.

4. You can check to see if you have an account at Vrat 2.0 by clicking on the members link here If you find it but have forgotten you password, use the forgotten password link on the login page

5. If you've forgotten your username, you can always check the members list to see if you can find yourself If that's too time consuming the forum allows you to input your e-mail address as the username. However it must be the one you registered with. If you've forgotten your password, use the "Lost Your Password" link on the login page If you cannot remember anything, use the contact link (on the side-bar menu) form and ask.

Read the FAQ section on the new forum for a list of advice

Note: Do not attempt to guess at the username or password, to do so beyond a small amount of times will result in your IP address being blocked by the firewall.

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