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LCD screen burn...

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LCD screen burn...

Post by Katie Bush » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:20 pm

Hi all,

I was rather surprised yesterday, during a visit to a large used goods emporium, to see an imprint of a static image on an LCD television screen.. It didn't cover the entire screen, but seemed to be localised to about three or four areas.. From the imprint, which appeared 'negative' in nature, I would assume the set has been used with a games console of some sort, and the thought occurs, this particular emporium always has a flat panel TV just inside the front door, usually connected to either, a games console, DVD player, or Blu-Ray player, almost always stuck on the 'options' screen.

I am however, curious as to just how long it takes to burn an image into an LCD panel - less time than would be the case with a CRT, by the look of it!

Suffice it to say the set was "Reduced to clear - £69" - a pity really, it was a decent Panasonic 40" HD with freeview, but would drive me insane to watch with a permanently etched image on-screen.


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Re: LCD screen burn...

Post by sideband » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:31 pm

This is not unknown and it started happening to Philips monitors before I left. A few cases of domestic TV were also reported (mainly where the 'SKY' logo was left burned in the corner). I know that the screens were sent off 'for investigation' to one of the main Philips factories but I don't know that there was a definitive answer. I do know that software changes were made to the monitors and the gamma levels were changed. I don't think it's 'burn' as such....more a chemical change.

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Re: LCD screen burn...

Post by Lloyd » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:37 pm

It takes all of about 1 minute with our Sony 32" these days!! We have left it on a paused image on iPlayer and suchlike whilst making a cuppa, come back and hit play, and the 'paused' image is still present on the screen for at least 20 minutes or more, normally a negative of what was there. Also noticeable when either Dad or my brother have been on the PS3 playing something with little 'gauges' for health and weapons left in the corners, or the timer from a racing game. I think it gets worse the older the set gets, this Sony was bought new in 2006. My new (well, 1 year old!) Panasonic doesn't have this problem. My PC monitor, an old Philips from 2009 also suffers with screen burns too, they do fade a bit, but are still visible after 30 mins or so. I also had a faulty Philips 26" LCD TV, which just displayed a 'tartan' pattern all over the screen, due to an internal fault with the actual LCD panel, I repaired it by linking some test points together (not my idea, saw it on a french website!) and the picture has had burn marks of horizontal lines across the picture, I assume from when it was left on displaying that patterning.


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