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Bush ,BC6813

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Bush ,BC6813

Post by davyrocket2 » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:11 pm

can anyone here tell me what year and chassis model .Bush .BC6183 ,it looks like a 22 inch regards David

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Re: Bush ,BC6813

Post by crustytv » Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:09 pm

OK so which is it BC6813 or BC6183 Your thread title above states one model but you specify another in the first post.

Thus far I cannot find in all my CTV data, any reference to a Bush BC6813 or BC6183. Are you sure this is the correct model ID? Do you have a picture?

I started at 1973 and went forward to 1981, I thought BC designations came in the Mid 70's prior to that it was CTVxxxx

Could it be a BC6318?
With your mix up with models numbers its worth mentioning, if so that would make it a 1976 A823B

I'll keep looking but a picture and confirmation of the correct model would help in the search.

Prior to 1974 numbers were CTVxxxx So from 1975 - 1981 below is what I have found in my library and consulting Radio & Television. I will check my BUSH cabinet but I don't think there is anything additional to add.

1975/1976 BC6318, BC6415, BC6416, BC6418 =A823B Chassis

1975/1976 BC6401 = Z179 Chassis

1976/1977 BC6100, BC6111, BC6200, BC6300, BC6338, BC6437, BC6438 = Z718 Chassis

1977/1978 BC6004 = 14" Chassis
1977/1978 BC6140 = Z718 Chassis

1978/1979 BC6240, BC6248, BC6340, BC6348, BC6448 = T20/T20A

1980/1981 BC7300 = T26A Chassis
1980/1981 BC6268, BC6368, BC6468 = T22A Chassis

That's it after that the number go BM

Edit: I see this is about the set that is for sale on e-bay in Southampton? Its being discussed here and you confirm it is indeed a BC6813 but it would help if you could be sure

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Re: Bush ,BC6813

Post by davyrocket2 » Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:34 pm

hi Chris it is indeed a BC6318 model

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