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Rapitest Etp 116 Electrical Test Probe

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Rapitest Etp 116 Electrical Test Probe

Post by Refugee » Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:58 am

I was given one of these for free.
All it needed was the three coin cells replaced and it works.
It is basically a posh continuity taster with DC polarity detector and go no-go AC voltage test.
The good bit is that it has type approval but how true that might be without a CE mark I don't know.
The useful bit is that the probes are 1 inch apart when they are in there storage position making it good for testing plug fuses. Sadly the probes would have to be unpacked for testing equipment fuses so it is just not that much quicker for testing those.
They are still on sale with quite a posh price tag that takes them above the price of flea market DMMs.
It does not have a formal power switch so the batteries will need to be changed from time to time even if it is not used like with other modern gadgets.
They show as a discontinued item on the Maplin web site with the type approval number shown there but not on the instrument itself.
It can have a home near my fuse drawer for the continuity function.
I have tried it with diodes and my finding it that it is fine for silicon diodes but not germanium types as the leakage in the reverse direction on them is too high so that it beeps in both directions.
The beeper also sounds if I squeeze the probes with my fingers.

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