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Telequipment C1A calibrator.

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Telequipment C1A calibrator.

Post by Rebel Rafter » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:40 pm

Hi, folks, RR here. Does anyone here know anything about the Telequipment C1A calibrator? What sort of signals does it provide? I'm not likely to find such an item today, but then who knows, all sorts of weird test gear appears on the bay these days. It says in the D66 manual that to calibrate it I need either the C1A or a time marker generator, does anyone here know what kinds of signals I need from such a device as I can probably build a marker generator from CMOS or TTL chips and a suitable crystal if I can find a suitable circuit or seeing as I've got a CMOS circuit book somewhere I can possibly modify something in there. Also talking of test gear on ebay I never see any Roband scopes on there these days. I'm probably wrong but I think they were made for the military and specialist labs, etc. in small numbers hence the rarity, I can't find any manuals anywhere online or elsewhere for mine. It looks like someone's been having a twiddle with my D66 or maybe someone's done a fancy custom calibration. RR.

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