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Substitute Mains switch on RAP 646

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Substitute Mains switch on RAP 646

Post by kalee99 » Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:20 pm

R.A.P. 646.

Just started to look at this set I bought from an auction house. Never had one before and am impressed with the overall build quality of chassis but cabined is a bit flimsy. Mine having had all the glue turn to powder and the plywood is not very thick. Nothing that cannot be “fettled”.
Turning my attention to the chassis the first thing of note was that the on/off switch was non operational. This switch is part of the tone control and is added to the wafer switch as a wafer on its own. I have seen these quite a lot on Phillips sets and they either work or never work. Mine was totally worn out. It is virtually impossible to find a supply of these switches anywhere so I decided to make one using a modern micro switch.
The switch is a Burgess 10 Amp type mains rated so well up for the job.
I fashioned a bracket out of tin & soldered this to the wafer switch plate in the correct position so that the micro switch button would align with the wafer switch actuator. Then I soldered and bolted a soft brass leaver to the switch plate so as to push the button when the wafer switch actuator was at the off position.
Total success.
Looks a bit rough and ready but is very sound and works very well every time.
The pictures should give a good idea of what I did. Hope this will help anyone with a set that has this “difficult”, on/off arrangement?
Now all I have to do is restore the rest of the set.


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