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Sharp Aquos TV

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Sharp Aquos TV

Post by gingpeakin » Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:17 pm

My friend's telly stopped the other day and as it was inherited from an old aunt she was going to buy a new one.
I said I would have a look and probably just pronounce it dead but found a sneaky tip on youtube.
It's a Sharp Aquos LC-32D44 and they have a clever backlight fault detection system. If it's not happy or if one of the tubes has failed it stops the whole machine. The clue is that the green power light comes on for a bit and the winks at you and goes out. The fix is to do a factory reset by holding down the volume down and input buttons as power is applied.
This all sounds too easy and of course it was. Nothing happened. But then I then found another video and it suggested shorting out C7558 on the underside of the CFL and PSU board. This worked! I did a factory reset and it's like a new telly again. It did tell me however that the backlights had been on for over 14300 hours which seems a lot...


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Re: Sharp Aquos TV

Post by Lloyd » Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:07 pm

I wonder how much longer it will last? It's possible the high hours count could be from being left on using it as a radio, I noticed my Nans telly was sat with the radio playing with a blank screen today, back lights were still glowing away merrily!


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