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Bakelite hinge repairs

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Bakelite hinge repairs

Post by Refugee » Mon May 06, 2013 1:55 am

Bakelite hinges often get broken and are a pain to repair.
This is how I went about it.
I cleaned up the damaged area and established that the broken bits were well gone so it is a rebuild bhbg
I had to find a bit of insulated wire the correct size to keep the hinge pin hole open.


I made a mold out of some repair putty that I had tried while making my first attempt at a repair.
The mold was oiled so that it can slide along the hinge. I had to slide it up the hinge as I filled in the missing material and poked out any bubbles as I went along until the mold was level with the end of the hinge. Then I had to wait until it had set so that I could remove the mold and use it for the other end of the hinge. This took a while as it is the stronger slow setting type of epoxy resin I have been using.



Once I had removed the mold from the second end I left the resin to set fully so that it was hard enough for trimming and final shaping.
The hinge pins fitted perfectly without any further work on the holes at both ends :thumbr:



The cover fitted well and I am not sure if I am even going to paint the repaired area as I think it looks quite cute with the hinge pin visible through the clear resin.
I will have to go over it with some T-cut and see how it looks.




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