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Adhesive Testing

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Adhesive Testing

Post by valvekits » Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:40 am

In our restorations glueing or bonding is a subject that crops up from time to time and many of us have different experiences with different adhesives. Of course surface preparation and priming is a consideration but here is a little experiment I carried out to check adhesive strength using the following -

Dow Corning 785 clear sealant
Dow Corning 735 Red RTV
Wickes Instant Grab Adhesive
Araldite two part epoxy
Sticks Like Sh*t (From Bostik) - Yes it really is called that.

Glue Test.JPG

I took some samples of smooth butyl rubber cleaned with IPA (no abrasion) and bonded them to a plastic CD using the above materials. These are smooth materials with low surface energy that can be difficult to bond together.
After 24 hours I did a simple shear test and a peel test to determine which adhesives gave the best results.
On a peel test the first four were pretty much the same and in shear the Araldite was the strongest.

However Sticks Like Sh*t was on a different scale in shear and a little stronger on the peel test. I would imagine that on more agreeable materials this stuff will surpass most adhesives.
Only downside is it takes 24 hours to completely cure.


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Re: Adhesive Testing

Post by peterscott » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:38 pm

Very interesting results.

Thanks for posting,


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