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Transformer mount for experimental circuits

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Transformer mount for experimental circuits

Post by Sparks » Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:58 am

Transformer mount (Medium).JPG
Complete unit
I often make experimental circuits, but don’t always feel like using new components in each one. I devised this idea for an audio output transformer. The LT44 is ideal as a speaker/headphone matching transformer for low voltage valve circuits. The unit is constructed in two pieces. The lower mount section is simply a piece of acrylic sheet with four nuts, bolts and solder tags for the connections. It has two countersunk holes to screw it to the base. The top section is drilled with four holes to fit over the lower mount. Four solder tags are glued under the upper piece. Holes are drilled in the acrylic through the tail holes of the tags, and four thin wires soldered to them. The transformer is glued to the top of the board with epoxy adhesive, and the four wires connected to the transformer. Screw the lower mount to the baseboard, and bolt the transformer section on top. If I wish to use the transformer for another experiment, all I need to do is make another base mount that is far cheaper than purchasing a new transformer.
Base and mount copy (Medium).jpg
The two sections

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Re: Transformer mount for experimental circuits

Post by Refugee » Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:45 am

When I made one of those up it had to be screened so it had to go into an old capacitor can.

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