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The Crusty Solder Dispenser: MK.1

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The Crusty Solder Dispenser: MK.1

Post by crustytv » Sat May 14, 2016 2:31 pm

I was looking at buying a solder dispenser looked at the prices of Weller to go with my stations and almost had a heart attack. There are other cheaper ones but I thought why not save money and have one within half an hour, so set about making my own.

A look in the DIY junk box I found some suitable bits to knock one up :-

  • 2 x small Joist plates
  • A couple of off-cuts of wood
  • A length of dowel
  • 12 Philips screws various sizes
  • 1 Chupa-Chup lolly stick

Whilst doing my Kojak impersonation sucking on a cola chupa chup, I set about cutting the wood and assembling the main structure. Twenty mins later job done and the lolly gone, one stick ready for final use. OK so its not brilliant, rough as crap but serves the purpose for me. The solder reel dowel has just enough play so as to not drop out on its own, but when a lateral force is applied easily removed to replace the reel.

Anyway thought I would post in case anyone else has pondered if its worth doing.







Edit: additional soldering accoutrements, Liquid Flux, Tip Restorer, pick and tweezers


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