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Coutant lab PSU's


Coutant lab PSU's

Post by octal » Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:37 pm

Few months ago I picked up a couple of Coutant lab tracking PSU's in scruffy cosmetic and unknown functional condition but cheap !

Both the same model, LQT 200, nice little supplies with 2 x  0-15 volts at upto 2 amps. They can be paralled, series or isolated, tracking or not with multi turn pots.

One is better looking than the other, so I picked the worst of the 2 as first on the bench.
Removed the cover before powering up to look for any obvious issues. First impression was good, it's cleaner inside than out with almost no corrosion, even on the TO3 pass devices. Then I noticed the heatsink on one side, was slightly loose, had been disturbed and had a spacer missing between it and the chassis. So, when I powered up I was expecting an issue with that side.
Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when it worked fine on all functions, the only issue is both meters catch slightly at the high end of their scales, should be easy to rectify.
So, I'll fix that, replace the switch supp cap with an X rated type, sort the heatsink mounting clean it up and it will be ready to move on !
Hopefully the one with better appearance will be similarly trouble free !

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