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Hameg 203-6 scope: Zin, Xout

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Hameg 203-6 scope: Zin, Xout

Post by Michael Watterson » Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:13 pm

Z in and X Time base out are useful for various things.

But the /|/|/| ( X out), Z and Y is a blank plate.

Eventually I found a Spanish version of service manual that showed the Z in (TTL blanking 0V = off, > +1.8V = on, not analogue, I tested with a ramp) is simply a pin on the Timebase PCB already (on slightly different versions it's extra transistor and resistors).

There is also a Test multiway connector also on Timebase PCB, which has Sweep out via a resistor.

There were two holes on chassis I mounted pillars on and then put a plate with 3 holes for BNC on the pillars. Very short length of wire for X out and Z in. I didn't figure anywhere handy for the Y, but that's not so important.

Front Panel Y2 is of course switchable to be X in.

If anyone is needing the info I can post the photos. The Spanish manual is on the Hameg site. A third party site with english version doesn't show the Z connection on my Timebase board. The Hameg site English and German versions of 203-6 Manual omit the circuit diagrams!

Now I can drive a VCO or varicap tuner from the X timebase (about 5.5V peak).

Or use a trace Multiplexer

Or a Vector Clock display :)

I may add Analogue Z in  later on the Empty "Y" socket. I don't need a DC-20MHz amp with attenuator.

Posts: 6972
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Post by Michael Watterson » Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:24 am

BTW thanks to Pamphonica

Due to Jeremy flogging me the 8 way scope multiplexer I was provoked to get round to adding the Z in Blanking (which I have been meaning to do since I got the scope about 5 years ago!). Reading the manual it may need it.

Yes I read manuals before stuff is broken. :)

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