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Replacing LOPT


Replacing LOPT

Post by Teleman » Sat May 03, 2014 2:49 pm

Hi folks

The KB EV40 I am currently trying to bring back to life has a few problems like most old tellys but the lopt needs replacing and I wonder if I can put a tripler of some sort in to get the eht back, I am told I will still need a fly-back transformer but I thought this was all dealt with in the transformer that is in there. The other problem being is that the set had selieum rectifiers and the mains one I replaced with silicon, on saying this I think I can do a better job by putting in an extra mains transformer that will give around 240V and have a little bit of modern component structure to provide a controlled stable HT supply which can be adjustable but it is the transformer I need to start with.

If any one has an idea of how I can finally get round the problem I would be grateful



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