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Ever Ready Skyleader 6800 (1982)

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Ever Ready Skyleader 6800 (1982)

Post by Michael Watterson » Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:01 pm

This is one of the last three Ever Ready Radio models, about 18 years after the last UK model.
Skyleader 6800 : LW, MW, VHF (up to 104MHz)
Skytime 6801 : LW, MW, VHF (up to 104MHz), almost identical but controlled by LCD travel clock built in
Skyranger 6802 : LW, MW

All three of these are BEREC and Berec Group on the Model labels because Ever Ready changed the UK branding & name to Berec in 1981! When Hanson did the hostile take over in 1982, he reverted the name.
So in this case unlike 1950s and 1960s, BEREC isn't the Export version.

Why did they do this in 1981/1982 and why was QA /QC so bad? No surprise that Hanson didn't continue any radio production.

I suppose I should get the 1982 Skyranger too, to complete my "set"! :)

uk_everready_skyleader_6800_front_sml.jpg (27.97 KiB) Viewed 1116 times

uk_everready_skyleader_6800_rear_sml.jpg (17.5 KiB) Viewed 1116 times

Chassis / PCB

Adjustments (Edited using Schematic on Radio Museum and Service data in Library here)


Crackling volume
intermittent wave change
MW Alignment off slightly
VHF Alignment hugely off
Missing case screw.

WD40 solved the crackles.

The missing screw was because the plastic pillar there on front of case was missing, so someone had it a part before?

The Service Library schematic is missing IF values, coil and capacitor designations. The schematic had no layout information.
So I combined them.

AM IF = 468KHz
FM IF = 10.7MHz
Virtually identical circuit to the Skytime I restored earlier.

For Alignment use a 7.5V to 8V PSU or a not totally fresh battery, as 9V battery end point is 6V.

Verify IF is 468KHz and not been twiddled. A loop near ferrite with MW tuned closed, minimum frequency.
Check pointer goes to 0 on log scale.
Adjust L307 for 600KHz (If disturbed check RF peak on Ferrite)
Peak C325 and C332 at 1500kHz

(If disturbed check RF peak on Ferrite at 160KHz)
Tune C323, C327 for about 250kHz or 1190m/252kHz.

Don't adjust IFs unless obviously twiddled as you need wobbulator / sweep gen to do it right.
Carefully adjust spacing of L305 at 88MHz, then C316 at 104MHz. (repeat, though 99 to 100MHz can be used)
Peak with C305 with any weak signal between 99 and 104.
using very weak signal at 88MHz and alternately strong signal at 98.7MHz adjust L302 and L303 to maximise 88 and minimise 98.7MHz (though why 10.7MHz and not 21.4MHz image I'm not sure).

Adjusting the VHF L.O. coil, RF coils and the two trimmers (LO and RF) is very fiddly awkward business. Don't trust Analogue signal generator without a counter to verify. Known "off air" is most accurate. The little FM TX boxes can be sometimes 50KHz+ out, so if using one as an VHF generator, verify it on known good car radio or counter.

LW, MW and VHF sensitivity and selectivity is very good. But if there is a very strong signal 98.7 to 104MHz, don't use the 10.7MHz lower channel for your home micro-power FM TX on PC/Sat box/Freeview/MP3/phone player.

Audio quality is very good given size of elliptical speaker. It looks different to Skytime speaker and certainly sounds better. (same IC amp).

At the time due to poor QA / Manufacturing in Malaysia, they had a huge number of dealer returns. It's an OK design, but obsolete compared to a 1982 Sony.
Performs better than £100+ Roberts Revival or the similar insides £10+ Tesco Kitchen Radio, but the Tesco while having mains and battery, has a small speaker and uses stereo earphone amp in bridge, for about 200mW, the Skyleader can maybe do 600mW+

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