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RGD RR214 or KB KR016

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:27 am
by crackle
I have been looking for a radio set which was our first FM radio. I spent every Sunday recording the Top 20, and the rest of the time playing around on the SW's and also listening into the Police. (when dad wasn't listening to the 3rd Program)
I managed to blow the audio output on it when Mum & Dad were away and managed to bodge it so it worked just about by the time dad returned. I cant remember exactly what happened and what I did to get it working again, (of a sort) but it never sounded the same afterwards, loss of power and distorted when turned up.

I thought it was a KB radio, but could not remember the exact model, just a visual recollection in my memory. I finally identified the radio as a KB "International" KR016. But later I came across the CRTS (Combined Radio & Television Servicing) service manual which introduced me to the RGD "International" RR214, which I am now convinced is the model we had when I was a youngster.

Has anybody got one of these radios, and can supply me with some decent photos.
Or even better sell it to me.