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Post by crackle » Sun May 08, 2016 3:44 pm

I have had an enquiry through my web site from Norway, regarding a KB BR30TN radio. But the cabinet, although of similar appearance has a flat front and does not have the 2 angled halves to the front that the UK BR30T has.
Has the magic eye centre in the front of the cabinet is the same idea as the UK version but the front does not have the 2 angled halves that UK version has.

The UK BR30T in the Radio Museum.

With what looks like Long, Medium and 2 SW bands.
The dial is slightly different, more so on the MW band to the UK version, but it still has what looks like Long, Medium and 2 SW bands.

It is obviously an export model, it has the customary T suffix which often indicates an export version and I presume the N may stand for Norway.

According to Google, the text in Norwegian roughly translates to "Before rear wall removed plug must be pulled out of the socket-outlet"

The same voltage selection as the UK version.

Has anyone seen this model cabinet around in the UK.


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