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Post by cobaltblue » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:06 am

I bought this just for the case so that I could complete the restoration on one of my 313's.

I was surprised therefore when I collected it that it is the DC version.

It's in Poor condition the back and all the glasswear is missing.

However as these are non too common I thought I would share.

The chassis marking giving the valve types is also in poor condition but the right hand valve (from the back) appears to be marked SG (Screen Grid) PM13

The centre Valve is Marked what looks like the remains of Detector and PM4D so probably a PM4DX

The whole circuit that I have traced so far looks to be very similar to the RS2 DC (with the exception of the Baretter)

That would make the missing Valve number a PM25.

Both of the chokes seem to be OK as does the main part of the Ballast resistor, the Output transformer appears OK as well but surprise surprise the inter-valve transformer seems to be OC pri and sec :aai

I have to put it aside now more pressing matters but it looks to be restore-able if the RF cans are not too big a mess inside.

Sorry about the pictures my Camera is AWOL and my phone is on borrowed time


Mike T
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