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Radiomobile 1521

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Radiomobile 1521

Post by crackle » Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:57 pm

This car radio is probably not as old as it looks, I am guessing about 1985.
It has the following transistors, BF240 BF241 BF240 TDA2003.
Radiomobile_1521 small.jpg
The radio after a good clean
Radiomobile_1521_chassis small.jpg
The rather sparse circuit board tends to indicate that this radio was not from the 70's as I originally thought it may be when I bought it today for 50p.

The only fault with it apart from being rather dirty from where it had been left in a garage for some time was the push button tuning was jammed.
The problem turned out not to be in the push button mechanism, but in the clutch which disengages the tuning knob, it had seized on the shaft so the shaft could not spin because it was still engaged with the manual tuning knob.
Radiomobile_1521 clutch 2.jpg
This is the clutch the double arrow line shows the lever which moves the collar back and forth

Liberal squirts of WD40 did not seem to do anything so I heated up the soldering iron and held this onto the metal collar of the clutch. This must have softened the hard grease and eventually I was able to move the collar back and forth and turn the shaft which connects to the inductors to tune the set.

More WD40 and more heat soon had the collar moving freely. For good measure I cleaned off all the excess WD40 and put on a drop of sewing machine oil and worked that in as well.

Good as new.


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