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Incontinent Wilko Powerplus Extra...

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Incontinent Wilko Powerplus Extra...

Post by Lloyd » Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:49 pm

Another brand of battery I'll be avoiding from now on! I've had 4 D cells in use in a Bang & Olufsen master control panel for about 9 months, working fine. Today I picked the thing up and got a load of gunk all over my had! Looked under it and found a dribble of slime running out of the battery compartment. The remote continued to operate normally. Upon taking the batteries out it was just 1 that had leaked, the other 3 were OK, and still register over 1.5v, the leaky one registered 1.37v.

I've stripped and washed the MCP out, but the paint is damaged around the battery door, luckily it hadn't got into the LED displays along the top! It had got close, it stripped the black off some insulating tape on the back of one of the displays.

Has anyone else used these batteries? have they been OK? Any suggestions for ones that don't leak in low drain applications? I was thinking of some sort of rechargeable lithium ion modification to the MCP.

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Re: Incontinent Wilko Powerplus Extra...

Post by Michael Watterson » Sat Jan 24, 2015 2:33 pm

Only buy Alkaline, except Layer cells are OK. You only need Alkaline PP3 for very long life items, the cheap PP3 are Layer type, so not hugely poorer than Alkaline PP3 at low drain.

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