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AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:39 pm
by Michael Watterson
... and a AD31 (L5042 much larger AD38, 86 x 101.5 x 70) ...

I made one of paper and it was impossibly tight in the metal holder. 85 x 100 x 70 is better, those catalogue dimensions allow no tolerance, they are the space available!

5 x F cells simply don't fit. At least not to fit insulation. The F cells could fit if it was closer to 90mm instead of more like 85 inside. So 5 x D cells is plenty of space.

Since the boxes always seem to expand a bit on construction due to card thickness I will aim for 83 x 98 x 68 on the layout. It won't fit on one sheet, so two pages needed for printout and then stick to a single cereal packet.

I did find one ex-ebay photo of L5042 posted elsewhere by our own Robert ...
Anyone got a scan of AD31 or L5042? Probably not!

Re: AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:54 pm
by rob t
hi there is a scan here
rob t

Re: AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:16 pm
by Michael Watterson

I had forgotten about those!

I need to make a "Portable 61" for my Vidor Regatta CN420A which is on there too. 60 x AA should fit easily in it :)

Re: AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:24 am
by Michael Watterson
The AD31 there needed a lot of editing to get it "right".

I will later upload the new 300 DPI corrected Ever Ready AD31 to the Library.

I then studied this photo edited from one off eBay and my other Vidor packs

Vidor_L5042_sml.jpg (7.98 KiB) Viewed 3127 times

And then made this from my corrected layout

It needs two A4 printouts, but is best glued to a large single sheet of card.

Here is the Ever Ready
EverReady_ AD31_plan.jpg

The connector is on a different face! I wonder is it a scan or edited to catalogue dimensions from the small 7.5V pack?

5 x D cells fit easily, I don't believe it could take F cells. The information on the CN427 "Royal Ascot" claims LT lasts about x2 the HT, that would be consistent I think with D cells. I have a Marconiphone that takes 5 x D Cells directly for LT and B126 for HT.

The performance fails a lot more sharply with exhausted LT than HT running down.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:38 pm
by Michael Watterson
Check fit in the Radio?

A bit tight.

I got a 3 x 2 "D" cell holder in Mapin for 85c, most of their holders are an overpriced €2.75. I cut the ends off and used pliers to snap off the two internal divider walls on each side so the holder is now not too wide for box.

Re: AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:56 pm
by Mike C
AA cells are the best way to go for the Portable 61 or ten PP3s but the original cells inside these are U10s each at 1.5v and you can get U10s by hacking apart a 3r12 battery as they contain three cells inside each one but for a battery of the portable 61 size doing it that way would be very expensive. I have a lamp that uses U10s but I only needed two. The Drydex size of the 61 is H.1146 or Vidor L.5039.

Re: AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:14 pm
by Michael Watterson
Alkaline AA are about the same capacity as Zinc Carbon "B" / U10 cell. I use 5 in the AD38. I recently got 3 x 24 packs Alkaline from Maplin reduced to just under €4 per pack! Total €12

20 x "1289" / "3R12" is very expensive. I believe the HT part of the AD3 is identical to Portable61 contents. Pity, as the F cells used in a AD3 are in PJ996. Still if I get a job I may make ONE each authentic AD38, AD3 and Portable 61!

I have made some AD4 with F cells for "authenticity". Actually at €3.50 in Dunnes supermarket and €3.99 in Dairygold Co-Op for an Eveready PJ996, the 4 x F cells are good value :) The Co-Op PP8/2 is a crazy €27, I wonder is it 2 x PP8 inside or 8 x F cells? It has two 6V snap-on connections. Not that I'm likely to get a Roberts that uses a PP8.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:58 pm
by Mike C
PP8s are layer cells and not round type. The pp1 is layer as is the PP11. You can get F cells from those 6v lantern batteries as they contain four. Alkaline cells last loner than normal zinc carbon and Home bargains stores do stock cheap alkaline batteries as do some of the pound stores. The Kodak brand is ok. I was asked at the Tanfield railway about the AD28 batteries as those Bardic lamps use these, they said replacements were expensive which they are but you can refill these with the cells out of one of those lantern batteries that you can pick up for 1.99. Some radios use two of those AD28s with makes such as Perdio and Pam and Ultra.

I must point out the new PP8s will not fit those Roberts sets now as there bigger, new size is PP8/2 and is used in electric fences, there are no other 6V layer cells made now. You can dismantle the new PP8s as there are two batteries inside one case. To answer the question to what is inside a new PP8, it is indeed two PP8s that are layer cell construction. These things are not cheap but I was given a new one for 10 pound as I knew the person in the electrical shop in Hexham but sadly its under new owners now and I got it an cost price a few years ago.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:44 pm
by Michael Watterson
Yes, Thanks Mike!

Lantern = PJ996 for other readers and they are cheap at the minute.
Yes, I imagined all PPx are Layer. Some are same "biscuits" as used in older HT packs. The PP9 Biscuits I'm sure used in B137? I was thinking that 2 x Lantern batteries at current less than €8 for two is far cheaper than PP8/2 Fencer at €27 even taking likely shorter run time. 2 x 996 fit in a PP8/2 box with some space. So if I did happen to have a Roberts needing a PP8, I'd maybe put 4 x Alkaline D cells or 4 x F cells in a replica box.

Very little and infrequent stocking of Alkaline in Dealz (=Irish branch of Poundland). Aldi has stopped stockimg own brand and only doing expensive Panasonic and very expensive Duracell. Lidl only doing AAA and AA now. I used to be able to get AAA, AA, PP3, C and D Alkaline in German supermarkets here at 1/2 or 1/3rd the "regular" inflated Duracell/Energiser Prices.

At €27 (= £23?) I won't be buying a PP8/2 Fencer to get the Layer cells!
HT packs will be filled AA, AAA and PP3
LT with "F" (from Lantern/996) or Alkaline D, Zinc Carbon D, Alkaline AA.
But I keep my eyes open for cheap "1289" / "3R12"

Here is AD31 made out of a Tesco Rough Oatcakes box. It's close enough to cut up the inkjet print out and paste on it. You do need to cut down the four corners from open end to get the length right.


Here is 6 x "D Cell" holder butchered to reduce width. The socket will be fitted on top middle cell position and 3 more cells at back. A piece of plywood packing on bottom to fill case (and stiffen) and layer of plastic on top to stiffen as the braces are gone.


Re: AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:41 pm
by Mike C
Our Lidl used to do Daimon but now its Aerocell and Aldi do those expensive Panasonic ones which are not expenasive as they can be bought cheaper somewhere else. For a PP8 C or D cells wired in series would work but the large D would be a tight squeeze in a PP8 box but two stacks of four C cells each four wired in series then the two lots wired in para would make it last longer.

The 1289 batteries sell in one shop for 1.60 each but it still works out cheaper to use AA cells such as those Kodak ones. If you need a few U10s lets say two then its cheaper to hack such a battery apart rather than buy U10s which can be ordered online and so can the U8 but there not cheap. Nothing wrong with using food boxes for battery packing as you wont see it once the cover is printed out and stuck on, Nice work there :thumbr: . Some hobby shops sell the brass tubing to make the sockets with to.

A battery such as a B136 uses PP7 layer cells and large F cells for the LT. The B107 used PP6 layer cells but the B flash gun batteries such as the B155 had there own size layer cells made for that purpose unlike the others which used common transistor size power pack sizes, even the PP11 used PP9 layer cells as did the PP1. The only old battery I miss is the twin cell No 800 which can be made up from two F cells and the No8 but a company still make these and there new code is 2R10, I made one up from a C123 3v camera battery and I taped a dead AA cell to it to make the length up as Tesco were selling these camera batteries off for 50p each. I have yet to see a Roberts radio that uses this PP8 size but some did.

Re: AD31 (L5042)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:25 pm
by Michael Watterson


Well my "coffee" tin sockets are similar to the clips inside the later plastic cased Radio battery sockets.