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1289 3R12 using for B Cells

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1289 3R12 using for B Cells

Post by Michael Watterson » Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:46 pm

This is the cheapest source of "B" cells I have seen if you are making authentic battery packs: ... dp/BT00017
About 35p per cell. Maybe, depends on postage.

5 used in a 7.5V LT pack ... _ad38.html
6 used in both types of Grid Bias battery (screw thread or wander plug)

Used in many other LT packs and 60 in a AD3 combo pack.
60 to 98 per "Portable" or "Winner" HT pack! Ouch. I think I will stick to 8 x Alkaline AA for €2, cheaper, slightly more capacity, easier to refill, less prone to leak. Still you might want very authentic packs for a 1920s radio. About £18 per pack though isn't impossible if postage is free on large orders (200 hours to 500 hours operation).

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