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Philips T-Vette power input.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 6:02 pm
by Rebel Rafter
Hi, RR here. For those of you who have little Philips T-Vette sets with the power input leads missing, (like mine) did you know that the Thorn TX10 mains input lead, the one that connects to the main board also fits the T-Vette 12 volt input too, albeit both ways which of course is no good for DC, but if you fit it with a few layers of PVC tape or suitably sized heat shrink sleeving it's possible to make it fit only the right way, with the lug upwards. But this also means the wrong lead, i.e. blue is positive so beware, it would be a good idea to fit wrong polarity protection to the set, the simplest way being a fairly hefty diode across the 12 volt input with it's cathode to positive and a suitably rated fuse immediately upstream. RR.