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VHF System 'A' Transmitter Data..

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Re: VHF System 'A' Transmitter Data..

Post by colly0410 » Mon May 26, 2014 6:36 pm

Synchrodyne wrote:It’s an interesting question.

But I don’t think one can outrule simple inertia as the reason why Sutton Coldfield et seq were vertically polarized. That is, AP had set the precedent, and there was no strong case for change as far as the main transmitters were concerned.



I've a hunch this could be the main reason why the main stations used vertical polarisation 'it works OK so if it ain't broke don't fix it!'

When I moved to Chester-le-Street in the early 60's it seemed strange not seeing any vertical H's or X's at first as they were all horizontal (Pontop Pike ch5 & Burnhope ch8). When we moved back to Nottingham about year or so later I was reacquainted with the vertical H's & X's. Also went back to my old school (Trent Bridge) but they couldn't understand my geordie accent I'd acquired, took me years to get back to Nottinghamese, lol.. :)

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Re: VHF System 'A' Transmitter Data..

Post by ntscuser » Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:27 pm

1962 transmitter coverage maps:
BBC 1962.jpg
ITV 1962.jpg

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Re: VHF System 'A' Transmitter Data..

Post by Synchrodyne » Tue Nov 11, 2014 2:13 am

Here are a few random Wireless World articles and items that refer to the state of the UK System A transmitter network in the 1960s.

Firstly, BBC and ITA coverage as of 1962 May:

WW 196205 p.210 UK TV Coverage.jpg
WW 196205 p.211 UK TV Coverage.jpg

Secondly, the BBC Stage III plans from 1962 July. At this time there is no mention of the use of Band III channels by the BBC.

WW 196207 p.312 BBC TV Stage 3.jpg

Thirdly, plans for additional BBC and ITA transmitters in Band III. Apparently the channel B13 BBC Wales transmitter for Wenvoe had already been announced by then. Co-siting of BBC and IBA VHF transmitters is also mentioned.

WW 196308 p.391 UK TV.jpg

Fourthly, information on the BBC Winter Hill Band III transmitter from 1963 November:

WW 196311 p.550 BBC Winter Hill.jpg




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