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Practical Television magazine April 1959.

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Practical Television magazine April 1959.

Post by Till Eulenspiegel » Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:18 pm

Browsing though though this magazine I noticed two articles that might be of interest.

The TV sound receiver might be worth considering for the minimalist TV project. The ECF80 valve might be considered by some a bit too modern for such a project so the pentode could be the EF91/6AM6 and the triode the EC90/6C4. It's a TRF circuit of course.

On the subject of TRF receivers there is in this magazine an article about employing a turret tuner in such receivers. On the BBC channel the local oscillator is disabled and the signals pass straight through unconverted. On an ITV channel the local oscillator coils are rewound so that the LO operates below the vision and sound carriers.
This method of conversion to dual band operation had the possible advantage that direct signal breakthough of the BBC channel was reduced when receiving the other channel.
Also, by using the turret tuner channel changing was made easier.

Till Eulenspiegel.

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