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AT&T Telephone - Worth A Save.?

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AT&T Telephone - Worth A Save.?

Post by Katie Bush » Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:53 pm

I found this old AT&T telephone set, presumably imported from the "States", in a box of assorted junk that came from a farm dispersal sale (or should that be 'disbursal' ?) a little while back.
Worth Saving? - I thought it was!

Should Clean Up OK..

It does actually work though the line cord is a bit iffy.. The plug (wall socket end) is noisy and scratchy if you wriggle it about in the socket, and the plug at the 'phone' end has had its "tang" broken off, so it pulls out of the phone very easily - can you get replacements for those?

I tried a typical British/European telephone line cord, but it seems to have a different wiring arrangement to the American jobbie and doesn't work.. I'm wondering if a basic modem cable would do the job, but to be honest, I'd prefer to keep its original line cord because it's the correct colour (or perhaps I should say color? :lol: ) for the phone, hence my asking if it's possible to replace the plug.

Ironically, it has an ordinary sounding, bland electronic ringer... I was hoping it would turn out to be an proper, 'classic', American style bell ringer.. A "Cow Bell" ringer, as I always call it!


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Re: AT&T Telephone - Worth A Save.?

Post by Michael Watterson » Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:20 pm

A European/Irish cord works. Only UK ones don't without suitable wiring. RJ11 crimp plugs are cheap as are the tools.

Code: Select all
RJ II Phone  ...............  BT Socket                         
1 No pin
2 No Connect            /------ BT line
3 Line ----------------/     No Connect (BT bell)
4 Line ----------------\     No Connect (BT bell)
5 No Connect            \------ BT Line
6 No pin

Israel uses the BT plug but according to RJ11 wiring, so "straight" cable works In Israel on International Phone, but a BT cable doesn't work on a BT phone.

Phones and Faxes for UK market have a RJ11 at the apparatus, but wired as per BT plug to allow a straight crimp of BT Plug and RJ11.

Models for UK and Rest of Europe often cunning wire 2, 3, 4 & 5 of RJ11 so a straight cable works in UK OR in Europe/Ireland/Israel/ USA. BUT on a PABX or ATA (VOIP POTS adapator) you have to use a straight 2 conductor wire OR cut the two outer BT wires going to 2 & 5 on apparatus.

Why oh why did BT invent a new jack AND an incompatible wiring scheme when everyone else except Israel was changing to US RJ11? Why did Beseq in Israel adopt the BT jack (though curiously with the RJ11 wiring scheme)?


Conversely to put a PURE BT JACK phone/fax on a RJ11 socket you need to add the Master socket capacitor that goes to pin 3 and somewhere. Argos in Ireland give out free BT to RJ11 wall socket adaptors as they insist on selling phones and Faxes with the BT jack on the end. Since Ireland uses the International / US / European system the master socket is just 2 wires and has no capacitor for Bell/Ringing so a BT type phone never rings if wired as above without the 1.8uF capacitor between BT pin2 and 3. The Argos adaptor is a BT inline socket, the capacitor and a short cable with RJ11 plug. It's not suitable to adapt RJ11 appliances to BT wall, it's for BT appliances to everyone else's wall socket!

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