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Newsky RTL TV Dongle

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Re: Newsky RTL TV Dongle

Post by Michael Watterson » Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:23 pm

Yes, I have something similar. But I didn't need "DOS".

It's got bypass of the normal DVB-T & MPEG-TS chips to the front end ADC. Unfortunately only 8bits, i.e. just over 250 levels. So it's greatly improved with RF pretuner and RF variable gain preamp or attenuator.

Mine does about 26MHz to 1400MHz, but only really good 40MHz to 900MHz.

Great fun.

So the DAB and FM are "software defined radio" but my 11 year old laptop just about manages in XP.

I may look at it on the Raspberry Pi doing simpler SDR. I'll also look at sticking it on a more powerful PC with RF front end and Mixer at 62MHz (or some other reference I have). Then 50KHz to 50MHz can be 62.05 to 112MHz into the USB stick and then AM, SSB, DRM, PSK31 etc all possible.
It does work with the Linux SDR project (I forget the name).

I'm sure we have the same thing or cousins. There only are two versions of this.

I forget what mine was. The stick has no branding on case, nor on PCB (case pops open)
DVB-T+DAB+FM on rubber black case. DVBlogo
Under logo in small print
Digital Video Broadcasting

I have to use a PCMCIA to USB2.0 adaptor, the USB 1.1 port on the laptop is too slow.
The DTT (TV) only works on my Desktop PC, but works well and with my "DVBviewer" and "MHEG5 plug" in (interactive) for Saorview seamlessly with the two PCI DVB-T2 satellite cards.

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Re: Newsky RTL TV Dongle

Post by niall » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:59 pm

Because these things are not being used for their intended purpose getting the driver, software etc. sorted out can be a bit involved. Fortunately someone has brought it all together in one package:

There is also a modification which allows them to cover HF without an upconverter.
The upconverter does give better results and there are several available.

Here is a good description of the HF mod:

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