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Panasonic cordless phone problem


Re: Panasonic cordless phone problem

Post by XTC » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:39 am

Sounds like contacts which have become tarnished over time.

A lot of faults are down to bad connections, especially battery contacts.

The problem with those snap together cases is that it's easy to break off the tabs, so the case won't go together properly. It was done that way to make for faster manufacturing and the items were never intended to be serviced.


Re: Panasonic cordless phone problem

Post by XTC » Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:29 pm

One of those things then. You don't have a circuit diagram or any service information. The device clearly isn't intended to be serviced.

If it goes wrong there's nothing to be lost by opening it up and having a dabble and that's certainly better than binning it straight off. However, there's only so much time it's worth investing and without any technical data, it isn't going to be exactly a forensic investigation.

A result is a result, even if it's unsatisfying not to know what the problem was.


Re: Panasonic cordless phone problem

Post by XTC » Wed May 07, 2014 11:28 pm

ppppenguin wrote:The connections to the sounder are soldered at both the sounder and PCB so tarnished contacts seem unlikely as an explanation. Only the sounder didn't work. Rest of phone was OK.

Fortuantely the cases went back together without apparent damage.

Inside the sounder there may be dry joints or just bits of metal kept in contact by natural elasticity and reliance on them not being tarnished, or not tarnishing within the expected life of the product. You're not going to take a sounder to bits and reassemble it. Surely not.

I have an expensive Yupiteru scanner which started playing up and which had nothing obviously wrong when it was opened up. I tried an osteopathic approach in desperation, twisting one end one way and the other the other way. It's been OK for the past ten years.

Duff connections, flat batteries and bulging electrolytics cause about 95% of problems in modern equipment in my opinion. Duff connections, especially dry joints have always been a major source of problems.

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