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Apple Airport Express Repair

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Apple Airport Express Repair

Post by valvekits » Thu May 30, 2013 9:42 pm

My Apple Airport Express failed today with a continuous green pulsing light.
You can find all kinds of information on the net about various power supply failure issues with these but nothing specific to my problem.
To break apart I placed a stanley blade into the seam that separates the two halves and hit firmly with a hammer, working my way all around the seam.
Once apart I checked the power supplies as described in various other places around the net namely the 5V & 3,3V. The 3.3V was okay off load but as soon as the airport module was connected this dropped to 2.2V.
First I replaced the 100uF electrolytic on the 3,3V output (first pic), it didn't solve the problem and the electrolytic I removed checked fine.
I then replaced another two 100uFs, C104 & C105 (second pic) they measured very high ESR and this solved the problem.
I fitted 85 deg components as these were all I had but rest assured I will find something more suitable before putting it all back together.


100uF 3.3V rail.jpg
100uF High ESR.jpg

Posts: 818
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Re: Apple Airport Express Repair

Post by valvekits » Wed May 14, 2014 6:48 pm

This repair lasted almost one year and then last week it died.
Symptoms were no power, no lights - dead.
It was a little easier to open up this time as I had used araldite sparingly when I put it back together the last time.
There is a small 500mA fuse concealed in yellow tape that was blown and this was as a result of the DM0265R Supply IC failing. I was able to obtain a replacement IC and checking electrolytics showed more high ESR misery.
From reading other threads on here the general consensus on modern stuff is change them all. ... =15&t=8477
It's good advice as everything is now working okay again.


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